Parish Plan 2012

Adopted 1 July 2013

Each section when clicked will open as a stand-alone document in PDF/A (archival) format. For this reason page numbers do not match a complete printed version. The list of references has been adjusted in this version as has the font, for a smaller file. If you intend to view pages several times you may prefer to save them to your device. This saves you time and us, bandwidth. Frontispiece 1       Executive Summary 2       Parish Action Plan 2.1    Supporting Maps  2.1.1    Suggested Inter-Village Cycle Routes 2.1.2 Suggested New Footpaths within the Parish 2.1.3 Suggested Areas for Reduction in Speed Limit 3 The Process of Creating the Parish Plan     3.1 Team Recruitment     3.2 Identification of Key Issues     3.3 Production of Questionnaire     3.4 Distribution and Collection 4 Results from the Questionnaire and Feedback from Consultations This section uses the data produced from the questionnaires and combines it with some of the statements made both on the questionnaire and during the earlier interview stage. These statements are shown in italics 4.1 Parish Household Demographics 4.2 Transport and Traffic     4.3 Housing and Development     4.4 Environment     4.5 Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour     4.6 Services     4.7 Community Life     4.8  Second Home owner's views    (corrected)
Somerford Keynes A Parish in the Cotswold Water Park
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Parish Plan 2012
Page last updated 19 Oct 2017

Emergency Plan

The village has developed an emergency plan  to deal with things like being cut off by snow, flood, long power, phone or water failures where we may be left to our own devices for some days. See also the note on Emergencies on the Information page The Plan questionnaire was accompanied by a questionnaire where you were given the opportunity to describe any vulnerability in your household, or skill you may have or equipment that could be used in emergency. For obvious reasons, we need to know your details and we need to keep them confidential until a crisis occurs. The results were collected in sealed envelopes, which will be kept confidential. For queries about this plan contact the Parish Council chairman.
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