Whenever possible, documents are published as pdfs, which means you can easily print them and bring them to a meeting, should you wish.

Minutes of Meetings

Please note these are draft minutes which may be corrected at a Council meeting. The copies here will usually remain uncorrected. Draft copies are also displayed each month on the noticeboard by the phonebox, usually within two weeks of a meeting. The legal copy is that signed by the chairman of a meeting. All meetings are open to the public. If you do not already receive Agendas, Minutes and occasional other alerts from the Parish clerk, and would like to do so, please send your email address to the Clerk at SKPC@somerfordkeynes.org.uk. Under new Data Laws from May 2018, organisations cannot contact you by email unless you have given specific permission.  If you ignore such requests, your email box may empty! If you wish to stop receiving this material, if you move or die for example, please send a note to the Clerk. Click Data Protection (left) for the Council’s Policy, agreed in July 2018 CDC Election information for the General Election on 12 December may be found here

Publications 2019

Minutes Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Sep Oct Nov Dec There was no meeting in August Newsletters NDP Newsletter 7 March July Neighbourhood Plan Final Draft 1 Mar 2019. See supporting documents on the NDP document page (Sep 19) Accounts 2018-9 Internal Auditor Report 2018-9 Receipts and Payments Account 2018-9 Notice Period for exercise of public rights Annual Governance Statement 2019 Accounting Statements 2019 Certificate of exemption from external audit Note: all expenditures are recorded in Minutes as they occur. Land and other items owned by the council are listed on the Receipts and Payments Account.

Publications 2018

Minutes Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Sep Oct Nov Dec There was no meeting in August Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 2018 Latest Neighbourhood Plan Draft Document (August 2018) Newsletters October  Accounts 2017-8 Receipts and Payment Account 2017-8 Notice period for exercise of public rights Annual Governance statement 2018 Accounting Statements 2018 Internal Auditor’s Report Certificate of exemption from external audit Bank Reconciliation 2018 Explanation of variances 2018 Note: all expenditures are recorded in Minutes as they occur. Land and other items owned by the council are listed on the Receipts and payments account.

Publications 2017

Annual Parish Meeting 28 April 2017 Minutes of 2017 meeting    Chairman’s Report 2017 Minutes Jan Feb Mar  Apr May  Jun Jul     Sep   Oct      Nov Dec Accounts 2016-7 Notice of completion of Audit Annual Governance statement 2017 Accounting Statements 2017 Internal Auditor’s Report External Auditor Certificate Receipts and Payments Account 2017 Note: all expenditures are recorded in Minutes as they occur. Land and other items owned by the council are listed on the Receipts and payments account. Newsletter March 2017  Newsletter August 2017

Publications 2016

Parish Emergency Plan Minutes Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Sep Oct Nov Dec Minutes 2016 Annual Parish meeting Annual Parish Meeting Chairmans Report Accounts:  Notice of completion of audit 2016 Receipts and Payments 2015-6 Annual governance statement 2016 Accounting Statements 2016 Internal audit report 2016 External Auditor certificate & report 2016 Note: all expenditures are recorded in Minutes as they occur. Land and other items owned by the council are listed on the Receipts and payments account. Newsletters April Neighbourhood DP no.4 Other Publications The Draft Neighbourhood Plan can be found on NDP Documents page Emergency Plan Questionnaire   This version of the Questionnaire is in MSWord format, so that you can fill it in on your device. Instructions on where to send it are in the introduction. If there is no change in  your circumstances or capability to assist, there is no need to fill it in again.

Publications 2015

Minutes Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Accounts - Receipts and Payments 2014-5 Chairmans Report  Spring 2015 Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 2015 Newsletters June October Other Publications Neighbourhood Development Plan documents Earlier Publications Lake 99 Vision Flood information- Update on the information below, all from 2014. The EA now (2019) has much more detailed flood risk maps on its website. Go to Gov.uk then search “flood risk” Letter to MP re flood issues ABI response EA Response Flood Advice from the Parish Council The following EA documents are copyright the Environment Agency 2014 and should be read together: Email from Customer Office EA Product4 (floodmap) Risk of flooding Information Sheet Other Publications Drainage Map v3    [3MB] part of the Parish Council Flood Defence study. This download is large. You should therefore save it once opened to your desktop or other suitable place, rather than download it each time you want to look at it. You may wish to upgrade your pdf reader (search pdf reader) to the latest version to read it more easily. It can be enlarged considerably. If you wish to comment on the accuracy of the plan or have other comments on it, please email Karen Mogridge If you wish to see older publications please contact the Clerk. All minutes before the Millennium are deposited in the Gloucestershire Archives. The earliest minutes, handwritten in ledgers are quite easy to read. Some of the typewritten and computer printed pages are not easy to read, as the clerk was given erroneous information that the special paper used was archival. It turned out not to be so. Pat Cook laboriously photographed the old minutes before they went to the archive. The images are available on the History Group DVD. Flood Advice The weather during the last two winters has been exceptional, but if we are to believe recent reports this is a foretaste of winters to come.  In Somerford Keynes we have been more fortunate than most and the issues which have affected other communities have largely passed us by.  The Thames has not (so far) reached the level that it did last winter.  This year the management at Lower Mill Estate has been able to keep the Thames spillway clear of both weed and water voles, with excellent results. The flood defences at Neigh Bridge have operated as they were designed to do.  We have survived two winters without significant river flooding.  However we can’t ignore the fact that we live in a largely flat area on a flood plain.  We are near enough to the source of the Thames that most of our water heads to the more unfortunate communities downstream; but there is a small risk of river flooding. Ground water also continues to be a concern for some households, as it is elsewhere in the country following such severe rains. One or two houses are surrounded by standing water, and some have suffered septic tank problems.  The Parish Council is pursuing matters of drainage with CDC, but each household in the Parish should also be considering its own response to excess water.  It’s well worth visiting Mary Dhonau’s website http://www.marydhonau.co.uk/.  She lives near the Severn and has been flooded numerous times but has refused to become a victim of flooding and has a wealth of practical advice, including such things as making a household Flooding Emergency Plan (for which she provides a template) and purchasing extra buckets to stand furniture legs in if the worst happens.  The National Flood Forum website http://nationalfloodforum.org.uk/ also contains a lot of useful information, including a section on insurance. The time to plan for flooding is when you are not threatened by it!  [Feb 2014]
Somerford Keynes A Parish in the Cotswold Water Park
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Next Meeting

The next meeting of Somerford Keynes Parish Council will be on Monday 6th January at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. The Agenda will normally be shown here a few days beforehand. All meetings are open to the public. Agenda December 2019
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