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Neighbourhood Plan Latest

The Final Statutory Consultation is now open from 4 December to 20 January 2020. Kemble and Ewen PC now has a draft NDP, which our Parish has been asked to comment on. It can be found on their website

Parish Council Meetings

There is normally a meeting on the first non-Bank Holiday Monday of each month, unless the Clerk declares there is no business to transact. Meetings are always open to the public, and there is always the opportunity to raise questions. The Agenda for each meeting is usually published on the  noticeboard by the phone box and on this site on the Publications page, where Minutes of previous meetings can be found, together with other information

Data Privacy

The policy was accepted at the July 2018 Parish Council Meeting and can be found here.  

Spring Clean

The Parish Council sponsors the Annual village spring clean, held this year on Saturday 30 March. Last year’s haul is shown above.

Conservation Area

The Parish has a Conservation Area covering much of Somerford Keynes village from Croft House northwards, missing out some but not all of the modern housing. If you want to do building alterations or tree work in this area, you may well need permission from Cotswold District Council. CDC has revamped this area [April 2018]. New Appraisal Map of new Conservation Area  


Planning matters are not quite straightforward. The planning authority for most matters is Cotswold District Council. However the planning authority for Mineral extraction, waste matters, schools, and any other land or structure owned by the County Council is the County Council, so they can give themselves permission, which seems odd. In many cases telecoms and other utility companies do not need permission, but have to advise of their intentions. In this internet age, paper documents rarely exist. The Parish Council receives alerts from the District Council about all applications in the parish. It also alerts us about applications by the county and by Wiltshire Council about neighbouring land. (There has been a recent application by the Thameswey Canoe club, which adjoins our boundary in the country Park, for example). You too can sign up for these alerts on the planning page of CDC website (link above). The Parish Council will consider all these applications and may choose to comment or object from time to time. Such comments are made on the webform provided on the planning pages, and are thus not readily seen by others. You can demand from Cotswold District Council to see all comments and objections, but you may have to make an appointment to visit their office. The relevant parish council minute will say if we comment or object, but may not give the reasons. If you are proposing to make an application, you are welcome to inform the Parish council, to see what response is likely.

Fast Broadband

The Parish is in the area of the Fastershire Project. The village cabinet is complete and orders can now be taken if you are connected to cabinet 5. You can check your ISP for cost.  You might check if a bundle or a change of supplier will reduce costs. Two people have achieved speeds of 80 Mbs (near the cabinet) and 37Mbs (on the edge of the village). Many houses are now connected. If you live more than 1.1 km from the box, you are unlikely to see much improvement in speed. If you are not currently able to purchase fibre broadband and would like to, see this link for phase 2 by Gigaclear. They intend to provide fibre to the property, so speed will be very much higher than BT. This will however not be available if you are connected to the BT cabinet in Water Lane. Gigaclear is now available in Shorncote.
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Your Parish Council

Your Parish Councillors Richard Elsey Mandy Keegan Michele Rigby Roger Sleeman (Chairman) Angela Stradling Graham Valentine John Whitwell The Parish Clerk can supply contact details of Councillors Parish Clerk: Wendy Cartwright 01285 861517 District Councillor Tony Berry 770220 County Councillor Shaun Parsons 821451 County councillors serve until May 2021 Parish and district councillors retire in May 2023. Our District ward is called Kemble, & includes SK, Poole Keynes, Kemble, Coates, Tarlton & Rodmarton. The Register of Interests of Parish and District councillors is held on the Cotswold  District Council website.
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Next Meeting

The next meeting of Somerford Keynes Parish Council will be  on Monday 6th Januaryr at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. The Agenda will normally be shown here a few days beforehand. All meetings are open to the public. All Parish Council publications, including Minutes are on the Publications page Agenda December 2019
County Council Planning Register Back to Top Parish Documents Parish Plan Village Lake The Lake was officially opened on May 22nd 2016, with a ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by a picnic. Pictures and words on the Village Lake page  The Parish Council now owns Lake 99 at the bottom of Mill Lane. It was gifted by Hansonís, the gravel extractor. It is now a nature reserve with a footpath round it.   Note that the plot at the end of Mill Lane does not belong to the Council and is private property, on which a house is being built.
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Parish Expands

The District Council made an order dated February 2014 that added Neigh Bridge Country Park and Lake 63 (across the Spine Road from the park) to Somerford Keynes Parish from 1st April 2015. Poole Keynes Parish Meeting were consulted and raised no objection. It seems most of Poole Keynes inhabitants were not aware this area was in their parish. No one lives in the new area. This was not our first crack at expansion. From 1979-86 the Boundary Commission reviewed County Boundaries in England. The Parish Council proposed that the whole of lake 32 in the Country Park be taken into SK from Ashton Keynes. A map in the files shows there was consideration of adding the Cotswold Water Ski lake too, though this was never proposed. CDC put the proposal forward but without support, so it was never implemented. Some fifty years ago the Parish included Purlieu’s Farm on the edge of Ewen. This was transferred to Kemble and Ewen Parish. There are still two dwellings on the edge of Ewen, at Shooters Hill, that are within our parish.
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