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The Designated Area of the Somerford Keynes Neighbourhood Development Plan The Designated Area follows the boundary of the parish, which seems a sensible choice. The boundary changed in April 2015, with Neigh Bridge Country Park and Lake 63, the fishing lake across the Spine road from the Park, being added. This is with the agreement of our neighbours in Poole Keynes. The new boundary is included in the area now, as the plan will not take effect until after this change. The Parish embraces four identifiable communities – Somerford Keynes, Shorncote, Four Acres and Lower Mill Estate. There are large areas where gravelling is taking place or will take place, where afteruse is an important consideration. There are also a number of leisure related businesses in and adjacent to our parish,and a proposed new village just across our Wiltshire border. Each of these has its own characteristics and issues, which will have to be covered in the Plan. This proposed area was subject to a statutory 6 week consultation period, which ran until 26th June 2014. Cotswold District Council formally designated the area on 9th July 2014. The map is in the form of a pdf download, which will open in a new tab. This makes it easier for you to study the extent, as it may be enlarged or reduced for study. Somerford Keynes Designated Area Somerford Keynes Submission to CDC
Neighbourhood Development Plan
Page last updated 29 June 2016
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A more recent map is published in Appendix 1 of the Draft Plan , which may be easier to study.
Designated Area