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Poldark in Somerford Keynes

On Wednesday the 30th Nov a location film crew of 60 staff worked to film scenes for the third series of Poldark. They used as the location the inside of our church, specifically the Pulpit, with an actor priest and also scenes in the graveyard next to the porch. They also filmed the outside of the manor house. We can now all play the game when the series is shown next year of spotting our village. It really makes one think how wonderful our village is if a series as prestigious as Poldark wants to use it to illustrate scenes from the 1790s. David Crofts

Lake 99 “Village Lake” Opening

A crowd braved the light rain to attend the opening of the Village Lake in May. The ribbon  was cut by John Hayward watched by assembled enablers (above) and a large group of villagers, who then had their various picnics, while their dogs (all on leads, as it is a nature reserve) fraternised and children played. The lake is now available for villagers to enjoy, walking, picnicing, playing and looking out for wildlife.

HM The Queen 90th Birthday April 21 2016

A crowd of about 70 villagers converged on the village hall to join the birthday celebrations. After the barbecue food was eaten, bubbly was passed round by some very young waitresses, ready for the loyal toast. Sarah Powell, Parish Council chairman welcomed all and introduced Ron Munro to read out a letter from HRH Prince Charles. The beacon was then lit, and burned brightly much more quickly than Her Majesty’s at Windsor, due to our use of a chemist, rather than an electrician, to light it. Most people then retired into the village hall to end the evening putting the world to rights. Mike Mckeown has put the pictures that he took on his Facebook album. If you are on Facebook you can find them here.  

Defibrillator or AED The defibrillator (also called an AED -for

Automated External Defibrillator) is in a bright yellow box on the Village

Hall. To use it, dial 999 for an ambulance, ask the emergency service to call

your “buddy” ( a neighbour you have agreed to help you and vice versa) to

fetch it while you stay with the patient and do CPR   An ambulance will be

called. A leaflet about the defibrillator is here. This advice will be updated

as more is known. Two training sessions for all have been held in the Village

Hall, the latest on 26th November 2015. Meanwhile checkout that CPR link

above. It may save a life.

The machine is provided by Southwest Ambulance Trust and the case by Community Heartbeat Trust. The Village Hall committee and Parish Council have donated ancillary costs. Two generous contributions from villagers have covered all outstanding costs. There are other defibrillators nearby: Lower Mill Estate has one, Waterland has two, Keynes Country Park has one. These are only available during opening hours, but the staff are trained to use  them.

Neigh Bridge Car Park now charged for

While residents are unlikely to be affected by the charge, there are signs of problems to come, with cars parking on the highway near Neigh Bridge, rather than pay £1. Parking on the highway is not an offence, of course, but causing an obstruction is. If you find the bus or your tractor impeded, do not hesitate to call the police on 101. This problem occurred while the site was closed for refurbishing. The meter was stolen shortly after installation and later found dumped in a stream.   The stolen meter is unlikely to have had more than a few pounds in it. A new one has now been installed. Meanwhile Meghan W and Trish signed their names on the sign shown left and  added graffiti  to the Village entrance sign at Neigh Bridge. A villager has kindly removed the graffiti.

Website helps solve a crime. Part of Operation Icarus

Police in Hereford, together with the Met, have found our stolen treasure. The Saxon stone stolen from the church in October 2012 has been recognised from the picture on the church page among a large number of religious pieces recovered during investigations, which are now complete. West Mercia Police returned the stone, which was displayed at the Annual Parish meeting in April 2015. The stone is now held in Corinium Museum. A faculty now (March 2016) allows the museum to hold the stone. It will probably be on show in a new Saxon display soon. Christopher Cooper (from Wales) appeared at Worcester Crown Court on the 8th February to plead guilty to 7 counts of theft, 4 of fraud and 1 of dealing in tainted antiques and asked for 30 other thefts to be taken into consideration. On 6th May he was sentenced at Hereford Crown Court to 3 years 8 months in custody, after being remorseful. The thefts (considerably more than thirty) and other crimes were carried out throughout the British Isles. Most items were stolen to order for two “unsuspecting” collectors, who are considerably out of pocket. The culprit came to light after one of the collectors was caught trading something illegal, and showed the Met what else he had. Mr Cooper claims to have no assets, having spent all his ill-gotten gains.

New Village Next Door

Cullimore Field

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