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There have been a number of changes of those running the Trust. Sir David John has taken over as CEO, Matthew Millett now concentrates on development, Jill Bewley has left, as have both the rangers. Two new rangers have been appointed. Part of Jill’s job is being handled by Davina Stirland, and part by new to the office Helen. Davina handles website and marketing. Educational work is on hold. The Trust no longer are lessees of the Gateway Centre, (sold to the CO-OP by Dennis Grant) as from 20 July. Relish are expected to get a new ten year lease, which will allow for modernisation. (The current waste system costs £30K a year to empty). The information centre run by volunteers from SK and other villages is expected to remain. As local authorities have now all withdrawn all funding for the Trust, CWPT has reluctantly decided to introduce parking charges at all its car parks, except Gateway, [not owned by the Trust]. This has now taken place and charges have gone up for longer stays, and includes 24 hour and up to 3 day parking. In the meantime you can join the Trust if you are not already a member, for free parking. The Trust also offered the lake set aside for a 1.5km rowing course for sale, as it realises it does not have the ability to move this forward with its current skill set or resources. (Now removed from sale)

Other Water Park News

Manorbrook Lakes to the south of this lake, which used to be fishing lakes, are now used by a new waterski company. You can hire one of the lakes for the day to put your own boat in. A ski-tow is proposed on a lake at Kent End, Ashton Keynes, owned by Cullimore.

The Village Fête

was held on Saturday 24th June at the Manor House by courtesy of Mr & Mrs Lock. There was a goodly attendance, with everyone enjoying all the usual stalls on a sunny afternoon. There was also a dog show and a dancing display. Younger visitors put the swimming pool to good use. The afternoon made over £3500 after costs, and including donations. If you have any pictures that you would like to share, please send them in. See what we have so far.

Parish Council  Mike Stickland of PSL, the new operator of

Keynes Country Park and Beach, gave a short presentation at the

July meeting. PSL is operating the site for CWPT.

At the annual parish council meeting in May, Karen Mogridge was elected as chairman, replacing Sarah Powell, who had been chairman for some years. There is still a vacancy for a parish councillor (see below). Other news is in the minutes, now published on the Council Documents page.

Ride and Stride by Car?

Yes, this year you can be sponsored by driving round your chosen group of churches, as well as biking or walking or maintaining the church. This takes place on Saturday 9th September. Do contact Peter Watkins 861614 for more information. This day is also National Heritage Open Day, too, so you can visit places not usually open to the public. Get driving/riding!

Waterland Founder dies

We are saddened to announce that Peter Pendlebury, who started Waterland with his wife Jo, has died. He was a good friend to several in the village, and was the inspiration for this website, showing how his site then used Xara. Do you remember our early clunky site, followed by the one no-one could use?

Parish Spring Clean

This took place on Saturday 1st April. There was a good turnout, and an enormous amount was collected from beside the various roads, including Mrs Joanne Smith’s carefully cut up credit cards, neatly bagged. Perhaps Mrs Smith would save us trouble by using the domestic rubbish collection next time!  


Shaun Parsons was re-elected as our County Councillor on 4th May. Geoffrey Clifton-Brown was re-elected as our MP on 8th June.  

Vacancy on the Parish Council

Owing to the recent death of John Brailey, a vacancy exists on the Parish Council. An election has not been called, so the council can co-opt a new member. If you are interested in becoming a Councillor, please contact a current councillor, or the Parish Clerk. See list on Council page

Lower Mill Estate

The estate has made a planning application to erect a fence along Minety Lane from Flagham Brook north to its proposed new entrance (17/00338/FUL). We had hoped that a footpath would be created from Swillbrook lakes footpath up to the Spine Road. There is plenty of room in the undergrowth for it to be separated from the road, which gets busier as the years go by.


A new page has been made describing how the new Emergency Plan works. Do read it in a quiet moment.

Poldark comes to Somerford Keynes

The production visited the church and churchyard for filming a short piece on Wednesday 30 November. See what David Crofts had to say about the visit. The episodes showing our sites were shown in early July 2017.

Red Telephone Box Staying, but no phone.

The phone box has a notice posted 3 October giving 42 days notice of removal. It does still work at the moment! The Parish Council are going through the legal motions of adopting it. We understand that we get a can of the proper red paint. What should we use the box for? We use it to describe how to find our house.

Warning - Cirencester Hospital Parking

If you park however briefly at Cirencester Hospital, you must register your licence plate inside the hospital or expect a £100 fine, administered by an automaton.

Changes afoot

We have noticed an archaeological test of Yew Tree Farm field, that runs from behind Water Lane down to Village Lake. No planning application has yet appeared, but neighbours were invited to a presentation some months ago, where a number of semicircular large houses, some small houses and allotments were proposed. There is limited access to this field, by one field gate.

Neighbourhood Plan What happens Next?

Otter problem and a bridleway

The bridleway forming our new boundary with Poole Keynes to the south of Lake 63 (across the Spine road from Neigh Bridge Park) has been cleared by its owner, who has put up an otter-proof fence along one side, and around the fishing lake to the south. The owner claims otters eat birds as well as fish, and that since the fence was completed, birds have returned to the lake - not all the right birds, as a cormorant landed on the lake while we were talking. He also said that beavers were about, and chomping trees on his land. There is a beaver-chomped tree visible from the road on the bank of lake 63.

Cullimore Gravel Application 

Cullimore now has complete permission to extract gravel and refill. Currently the site is being dewatered into the top lake of Keynes Park. Large lorries are moving between Spratsgate Lane and the Ashton Keynes site. There is a current application to increase the number of lorry movements per day.

Flood/ Insurance Advice

As the Parish Clerk has had several enquiries about flooding and

insurance, correspondence to our MP, and responses from the

Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Environment Agency

(EA) are published on the Council Publications page for 2014.

Oil Spill

Unfortunately 1100 litres of oil spilled into the ground in January 2014 from a leaking tank next door to the village hall. Their water pipe has had to be replaced, as oil can seep though plastic pipe. All the contaminated soil has now been removed and replaced with clean soil. Several trees and much treasured planting were lost in the process. It is  extremely fortunate that none of the oil went under any building, as the fumes would have made them uninhabitable. Do take this as a warning to check your tank and pipes regularly. Metal tanks tend to weep slightly before a major spill. I know, mine did. If you see this, get your tank changed fast. It is said that plastic tanks give less warning, though we are told rubbing any weeping crack with soap may delay things enough to get a tank changed.
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