If you would like to give a talk relevant to the history of the village,

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24 November 2018

100 years of the RAF and 100 years since the end of The Great War.   A viewing of the recently released documentary film, 'Spitfire' giving the late Joy Lofthouse, Mary Ellis, Geoffrey Wellum and other pilot’s impressions. Also featuring  the first flight, witnessed by a 4 year old, smuggled  onto the airfield by her father, a member of Mitchell's design team. In a filmed interview Judy Monger recalled her childhood experience, witnessing 'that wonderful new aeroplane’ take to the sky. The usual browsing tables were supplemented by memorabilia  of Des Sheen’s father, a Spitfire pilot in the Battle of Britain.

9 October 2017

 ‘The Making of the Ridgeway Environment’ by Eric Jones, co-author of ‘Middle Ridgeway’. His talk addressed historical and landscape influences, fluctuating cultivation and a prolonged sporting history along the Ridgeway between Avebury and Streatly. Anyone who has walked there knows the magic of being there.

25 April 2016 

“An Evening in Somerford Keynes”, Village Hall. Showing a DVD of a

lovely walk around the village and then screening a selection from

the 500 Village Photos so far collected.

October 2015

Joy Lofthouse, a 92 year old Cirencester girl, entertained a capacity crowd with her description of life in the ATA, where she got to fly Spitfires and other military planes

December 2014

James King, son of the late Jim King of Elm  View, visited on Tuesday 30th December to donate an 1806 hand coloured map to the village. it will be displayed in the Village Hall. It has much detail of landholdings and land use. The map here cannot do it justice as it was photographed through the glass cover, but it does show the scale of detail. More of the story on the Latest page .

November 2014

The hall was packed for a remembrance meeting, at which the members of the armed forces who died in the First World War were described in a short Play. Other contributors described the campaign medals issued, and have made a start on discovering those who went to war and did return. If you know anything of these, please get in touch. Of 240 inhabitants in 1914, at least 54 went to serve the country and 12 did not return.

May 2014

Flooding History of Somerford Keynes: Roger Sleeman delved in the Parish Minutes, old maps and pictures from the turn of the century.

November 2013

Farming then and Now: A compilation of studies by Karen Mogridge, working on Field Names, Ann Whitwell on farming stories from the papers, and Judy Monger on general history, though Roger Sleeman had to be Judy’s voice! The projector was put to good use. As usual a good turnout.

April 2013 The Body in the Barn and other mysteries

The main item was a talk, with illustrations, given by Ann Whitwell on Crime in the village. This included bodies shot at dawn, drowned in a ditch and found in a barn as well as Bigamy, Arson and Transportation. The talk was very well received by those present. There was also an additional short presentation on significant moments in the village's recent history. Around forty people attended the meeting, an excellent turn out. Members were encouraged to get involved with the various projects that are currently underway. For further details please contact one of the co-coordinators.

February 2013 Quiz

What do you know about your Village? (Q&A now on V3 Disk)

November 2012

Our Third Anniversary, much information was on display. The film of the 1985 Expedition from Malmesbury to celebrate 1300 years of Christianity was shown.

September 2012 

Tim Jordan, author, talked about Cotswold Stone Barns. Tim was able to illustrate his talk with copious pictures from across the Cotswolds using the hall’s new projector and screen. He also had some of his books for sale.

May 2012 

 Neville Hollingworth with his latest prehistory findings.

March 2012 

Your first Aviation experience, capturing living history. Various members contributed.

January 2012

Bob Bewley - Archaeology from the air. Bob is not to be missed talking on his favourite subject! Forty villagers attended this popular talk.

November 2011

Members Evening. Celebrating two years of the group; a large amount of material was on display and we all enjoyed a glass of wine and heard several members talking about their researches to date.

September 2011 

Maggie Sheen - An Overview of Pottery Making in Britain from Neolithic, Roman, Anglo-Saxon to Medieval Times

August 2011

Shorncote Quarry   An evening walk to see the history and growth of  gravel extraction at this quarry.

April 2011

Did you ever think about emigrating? To Australia or Canada? Did something or somebody prevent you from taking such a life changing step? Ever wonder what your life might have been like had you gone? Back at the beginning of the last Century, the Westmacott family did leave for Canada after about 300 years of living in Somerford Keynes where they were variously shepherd, agricultural labourer, coachman, yeoman, farmers, shoemaker, baker and grocer, (living where The Old Post Office now is),  churchwarden and census enumerator. On Tuesday, 26th April descendants of the family visited the area from Western Canada to talk about their ancestors and what happened to them after arriving in Canada. You may have seen pictures of them in our Photograph Collection!

March 2011

How to research local history: Linda and David Viner David showed us a number of different kinds of printed outputs of village and town local history.  Linda reminded him that computer recording should not be forgotten, and Pat was congratulated on his data disc. David’s main message is that we may have more projects than we can currently handle, and should prioritise them. He also suggested that we are missing the bigger objective of recording the history of local gravel extraction, while there are still those around from the early days, which will clearly require collaboration with neighbouring villages. Linda said we should always look to the broader picture outside our area, while collating what happens inside it. A superb meeting overall.

February 2011

Visit: Working mill at Lower Mill Estate Organised by Ian Boast  A large collection of photographs of the Lower Mill visit taken by John Sweet can be found on the History Disk v2 item 669

January 2011

The Bruderhof Community: Ann Whitwell The meeting in January had 33 of us watching a most interesting DVD of a film taken by and about the Bruderhof, founders of The Cotswold Community up the road and shown by Ann Whitwell. As there was insufficient time to show the whole record, Ann very kindly invited us to her house to see the well worthwhile remainder and some of us have already availed ourselves of her kind hospitality. Thank you, Ann! Nov 2010 Crossing Places of the Upper Thames: Amy Woolacott Sept 2010 Reminiscences: Sara Radway August 2010 Visit: Lower Mill Estate, Organised by Ian Boast May 2010 Visit: Gloucestershire Records Office Organised by Roger Sleeman May 2010 Working with Mills: Ian Boast and Fred and Margaret Timbrell March 2010 Boyhood Memories: John Hayward  Now on History Disk January 2010 Men on the War Memorial: Lynda Isherwood December 2009 Display of Member’s Objects October 2009 Inaugural Meeting
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February 24th 1874 Committed to County Gaol Devizes John Thompson and William Thopson, one month each for vagrancy at Somerford Keynes September 1874 Committed to County Gaol Devizes Eliza Bateman- 3 months for assaulting Sophia Ann Walker at Somerford Keynes Gazette News June 4 1879 Matthew Arnold, Somerford Keynes, Wilts, a farmer, market gardener and dealer petitioned for liquidation by arrangement Research by Ann Whitwell
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