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Somerford Keynes Fête 2017
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Page updated 19 Oct 2017
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Somerford Keynes

Village Fete 2017 was

held on Saturday 24th

June at the Manor by

courtesy of Mr and Mrs

Andrew Lock.

We only show a fraction of the

activities here. If you would like to

submit your pictures we would be

delighted to consider them. Send


The Fete Poster Picture by Pat Cook
Andrew Lock putting in the proper gear in front of the grandchildren
Most of these pictures were taken by Pat Cook before the hordes descended and tried their luck at everything. Others by Judy Monger & Veysiye Johnstone.
The book stall “Now where did I put that valuable first edition?”
“My dog is better behaved than your dog!” The dog show had lots of entries, judging by the funds raised.
The BBQ team practicing their ketchup skills while the fire warms up.
Setting up the craft stall
“Oops! I must practice harder”
So James wins despite all the experts
Tractor Rides: the perennial Favourite.
An art show with many more pictures than shown here was held at the same time in the church.
The garden was on fine form - V. Johnstone
Between us we made over £3500 at the fête 2017. This is somewhat more than last year, and may be due to the better weather.