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About Emergencies
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Page updated 14 December 2016
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Somerford Keynes Community Emergency Plan - Information for households

Emergencies seldom occur in our community, but it’s a good idea to be prepared.  Somerford Keynes has therefore produced an Emergency Plan to show how we will deal with an emergency in our community, especially if the local authorities and emergency services are unable to attend immediately. We would like as many residents as possible to be aware of the Plan, give input where relevant and to volunteer to be called upon to carry out tasks (particularly if you have an appropriate expertise) if we do have an emergency.  Also we would like to know if you have any other resources which you could offer to be used in an emergency – from snow shovels and pumps to four-wheel drive vehicles and blankets.  This document is to give you a brief idea of what the Plan covers, to explain how it can be activated and to ask for your help. To enable us to be best prepared for any emergency which might arise, please complete  the form Emergency Plan Questionnaire’ and return it as an email attachment to  Any information given will be securely held by a limited number of Emergency Planning Group members/Parish Councillors/Emergency Plan Leads. Your information will NOT be published online unless you are one of the above people who has given their permission. What does the Emergency Plan contain? It’s a simple document that explains why a Plan would be useful, what types of emergencies we think might happen, which areas of our community might be affected and how we might respond. What can be done by a community? Our community can play a part before, during and after an emergency.  We can: Notify emergency services about emergencies Provide a single point of contact with local authorities and emergency services so that they are not inundated with phone calls and queries Receive and relay information to residents – either warnings about a potential emergency or information during an emergency Assist local authorities and emergency services with specific tasks Check on local people and help their neighbours (but not put anyone at risk) If necessary, we could set up a temporary place of safety for people who are stranded or need accommodation.  In Somerford Keynes, this will be the Village Hall or the Church. It is not the role of the community to take on the responsibilities of statutory agencies to save life, to take any risks to themselves or to cope for long hours without agencies’ help and support. Who has put together the Plan? The Somerford Keynes Emergency Plan has been put together by an Emergency Planning Group of people on behalf of the Parish Council. Is the Plan now fixed? No.  The Emergency Plan is a working document and will be altered when necessary, for example, if we feel we should consider different emergencies, we will add them.  There will also be an annual review which will be reported on at the Parish Council’s Annual Parish Meeting. What are the main emergencies that might affect Somerford Keynes? We have considered the following emergencies: Flooding Snow and ice Flu (or any other pandemics) Utilities failure – electricity and water The Emergency Planning Group, with the help of a number of Somerford Keynes residents, has considered what might happen in each of these situations, who might be affected, and where.  We have come up with actions that we could take as a community in these situations and the resources we might need.  For some other emergencies, such as foot and mouth disease, there will clear directives from the Statutory Authorities to tell our community what to do and we have not considered them further. Who will set the Plan into action? The Emergency Planning Group will make the decision to activate the Plan and there are members of the Parish Council on this Group.  The Emergency Planning Group will then liaise with Cotswolds District Council’s Emergency Liaison Officer and the emergency services as necessary.  The Emergency Planning Group will call people to help as and when needed. The three main contacts on this Emergency Planning Group are: Karen Mogridge Michele Rigby The Chair of the Parish Council (if different from the above) These 3 people have given permission for their details to be provided in the Emergency Planning document.  Each of them has a list of volunteers and resources available for use during an emergency to call upon, and they keep this information securely. Where can I see the full Plan? There are two versions of this Emergency Plan – restricted and unrestricted versions.  The distribution of the restricted version is limited as it contains contact details of potential volunteers.  The unrestricted version contains only contact details of the emergency/statutory services and the key Leads above.  If you would like to see the unrestricted version, it is here,  or contact the Parish Clerk. What can I do? If you think you may be able to help in an emergency please complete the Emergency Planning Questionnaire  and return it as an email attachment to  Conversely you may ask the Parish Clerk for a hard copy and return it to the Clerk or to any Parish Councillor. Explore the links to useful web addresses/phone munbers on the To Know page, and follow their advice to prepare your own household for any emergencies. Flooding advice is also on the Parish Notify a member of the Emergency Planning Group if an emergency arises (having already notified the emergency services first). Never send an Email to report an emergency - telephone! If an emergency happens, let any member of the Group know that you are available to help. Don’t put yourself, or others, at risk.