Somerford Keynes A Parish in the Cotswold Water Park
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To Contact the Parish Council

Clerk: Wendy Cartwright 01285 861517 The Clerk can give contact details for councillors. Note that the clerk only works for a nominal ten hours per month and thus may not be always available. Please note that the Parish Council is a civil organisation and has no connection with the church. To contact the church about weddings, baptisms and funerals please contact the clergy listed on the church life  page.

To contact the webmaster

web @ The Parish Council takes no responsibility for the content of this site. Information is provided in good faith by various contributors. We welcome your contributions, and reports of any errors, factual or technical. The webmaster has access to statistics for this site and thus could determine users, but in practice has no ability to match internet numerical IDs with users. The statistics tell us what pages are most looked at, and when. We also can see what Operating systems and browsers are used, and what search terms are used to find us. This site does not use cookies.

Local Information

Including Emergency Contacts Much contact information for local public services can be found on the To Know Page. If you have another contact that you think would be useful to all, let the webmaster know.
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The picture above is of schoolchildren taken from the history group data disc
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