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Club Pulse

Are you in school years 6-11? Try Club Pulse fortnightly on Sunday afternoons 4.30 -6pm Did you meet Anton at the Scarecrow Day? He’s your man to see.  

The Bells

There are four bells of which three are mediaeval. Our Millennium Project was to rehang the bells so that they could be properly rung. As the bells are part of a listed building and of such age, they are not allowed to be tuned. Why not?  Nor do they swing over. But ringing them is fun. If you would like to try, contact Lynton Mogridge  
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Parish News

Parish News, the Benefice news sheet, is published 10 times a year and is available for £5. Contact Muriel Watkins if you would like a new subscription. If you want to put something in the Parish News, please send it before 12th of each month as plain text  to The Newsletter is edited by a series of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, talk to a Churchwarden or email as above.  
Rector: Rev Trevor Kemp The Rectory Coates 770550 Email Associate Priest Rev David Austin The Vicarage Kemble 770654 David is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Pastoral Surgery. Please ring for an appointment Churchwardens Vacant

Ride & Stride 2017

This took place on Saturday 9th September, and indeed, I did meet two people driving cars, who admitted they could no longer walk as far as they wished! Thank you everyone for contributing £440, half of which has come back to church funds

Coffee Mornings

There is a coffee morning in the village hall on the 4th Thursday of most months. Check Activity page for next date.
Church Cleaning Rota Can you help clean the church? If we have enough helpers, this could only be once a year. Contact Marcia Timbrell 862028 for more information

The font decorated for

Harvest Festival

St. Georges Day


was held on Sunday 23rd April in the Village Hall. Over 50 people enjoyed a convivial evening with a bring and share supper. The hall was decorated with St George flags, and a table quiz on the subjects of St George, Saints and Georges taxed a few brains. A raffle swelled the coffers further. All proceeds will go towards repairing or replacing the various churchyard gates. A glowing letter of thanks has been received from Graham Shearn, who suggests we repeat the exercise on every 5th Sunday in the month! Our follow up event after Christmas festivities will be a quiz in early March 2018 for church funds.
The church was full for the Carol Service on the Sunday before Christmas. Goodly numbers attended Midnight Mass on Christmas eve and the short service on Christmas morning.

Harvest Festival

A large crowd attended the Harvest Festival service on Sunday 8th October, led by Rev Trevor. Later about 45 people assembled in the Village Hall for Harvest Supper, where everyone brought food to share.
Neil repairs the damaged netting

Jackdaws in the belfry

Bellringers have been finding bits of twig falling on them for some months, and some difficulty in moving the ropes. Jackdaws were the culprits, having squeezed in through slats in the belfry windows to make nests. Many of the twigs looked too difficult to get through, so the birds were very clever. A workparty arrived at 9am on Saturday 7th October, complete with old clothes, baskets and wheelbarrows. The ladder was positioned and Dave Crofts led the way up, followed by Neil Hudson and Peter Watkins. While the other two shovelled twigs away from the bell frame, Peter filled baskets and dropped them to Lynton Mogridge, who did the wheelbarrow run to the compost heap. Neil and David then set about covering the window slats with new chicken wire, where the birds had squeezed in. The pulley guiding the Ellacombe chime to the bell normally used for tolling at funerals has been found to need replacement, which will be done in the spring. If there should be a funeral before that, a different bell will be used.
Our new Church Gates
On the last day of the year a capacity crowd filled All Saints Shorncote for the annual carol service, when the congregation met Father Simeon for the first time. Mr and Mrs Rishard Knight kindly invited everyone next door for a glass of mulled wine after the service. Carol Singing in the village on Monday 18th December raised £440 for Winston’s Wish, a  local charity which gives support to bereaved children and their families. See picture on home page taken as they passed through the village on a misty night. Wendy Cartwright held a concert by her pupils in the church before Christmas. She has added £110 from a collection to the Winston’s Wish total, sending them a record £550. The Friends of Somerford Keynes Church presented their Christmas Concert The ECLECTIC STRING BAND & Folk Musicians Jessy and Nigel Price on  Saturday 9th December. A large audience enjoyed mulled wine and mince pies
On the last day of the year a capacity crowd filled All Saints Shorncote for the annual carol service, when the congregation met Father Simeon for the first time. Mr and Mrs Richard Knight kindly invited everyone next door for a glass of mulled wine after the service.
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