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Speed Limits

The speed limit on the Spine Road in the region of the Station Road (South Cerney) junction will be reduced to 40 mph early in September. You have been warned.

The Concert

honouring the Suffragettes held on Saturday 25th August in the church raised about £700. A troupe of ladies introduced us to some of the stories of the suffragettes. Most enjoyed singing along to  well-known first world war songs. Some were sung from a female perspective, too. The Cat & Mouse Act was not explained, perhaps as children were present. If you do not know, look it up and be horrified.

Thames Path Diversion

The bridge over the Thames at the northern end of Neigh Bridge Country Park has now been replaced by a substantial new metal bridge, as the old one was apparently rotting in parts.


Are you over 14? No upper age limit. Can you get up in the morning? Do you want to earn a little pocketmoney? Contact Pickwick Papers on 640022 to find out more, but ask your parents first if under 18.


Your new dedicated PCSO attended the June PC meeting to introduce herself. The new phone number for Cirencester Police is 01452 907200.

Neighbourhood Watch

Terry Whelan writes: 'For those with access to the Internet: The Police now send out messages to residents via the "Your Community Alerts" web-site. To register, go to:  https://www.yourcommunityalerts.co.uk/ and click on the "Register" link towards the top left of the page.' This info will be added to the To Know page

Village Lake

A volunteer morning will be held 10-12 Saturday 29 September What are those woodpiles doing round Neighbridge and other parks?

World War 1 Centenary

With the commemoration of the end of the Great War coming up in November, we are beginning to put on line what we know of those listed on the memorial in church. We have some information on nine of those honoured on this site, with more to come. If you know more about these people, or know about villagers who returned from the front, the history group would love to hear from you.

Village Conservation Area

CDC has completed its appraisal of changes to  the conservation area. One property has been removed, and others added. Boundaries are altered to physical objects, to reflect ownership changes since the 1980s. It is the first of three pilot appraisals.

Red Telephone Box Staying, but no phone.

The phone box has now been adopted by the Parish Council and the phone removed. Plans are ongoing to  install a second defillibrator, but meanwhile it needs a revamp. If you are willing to help, contact Karen Mogridge. Do not do anything on your own, the base layers of paint probably contain lead, and need removing under controlled conditions.

CDC Local Plan is now complete and in force

Cotswold Water Park Trust News>


A page describes how the Emergency Plan works. Do read it in a quiet moment.

Neighbourhood Plan  The final draft can now be found on

the Neighbourhood Plan Documents Page. The next stage is up to


Otter problem and a bridleway

The bridleway forming our new boundary with Poole Keynes to the south of Lake 63 (across the Spine road from Neigh Bridge Park) has been cleared by its owner, who has put up an otter-proof fence along one side, and around the fishing lake to the south. The owner claims otters eat birds as well as fish, and that since the fence was completed, birds have returned to the lake - not all the right birds, as a cormorant landed on the lake while we were talking. He also said that beavers were about, and chomping trees on his land. There is a beaver-chomped tree visible from the road on the bank of lake 63.

Flood/ Insurance Advice

As the Parish Clerk has had several enquiries about flooding and

insurance, correspondence to our MP, and responses from the

Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Environment Agency

(EA) are published on the Council Publications page for 2014.

Oil Spill

Unfortunately 1100 litres of oil spilled into the ground in January 2014 from a leaking tank next door to the village hall. Their water pipe has had to be replaced, as oil can seep though plastic pipe. All the contaminated soil has now been removed and replaced with clean soil. Several trees and much treasured planting were lost in the process. It is  extremely fortunate that none of the oil went under any building, as the fumes would have made them uninhabitable. Do take this as a warning to check your tank and pipes regularly. Metal tanks tend to weep slightly before a major spill. I know, mine did. If you see this, get your tank changed fast. It is said that plastic tanks give less warning, though we are told rubbing any weeping crack with soap may delay things enough to get a tank changed.
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Bridleway south of Lake 63


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