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Winter Concert 7 December details>

Road Closure to South Cerney

The road to South Cerney is closed between the sewage works and Ashton Road, due to undermining by badgers - so expect a very long closure. Meanwhile just remember to go via the Spine Road and Broadway Lane. Latest is that work has started (17 Oct).

Village Lake August activity & BBQ

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Keynes Country Park

New signs have appeared showing that the County Council (the landlords) have made byelaws allowing fines to be issued to people for various antisocial or dangerous activities

Refurbished Path now open

The path towards Kemble Mill from the Street, pictures above, has been refurbished with a gravel surface. The path through the fields has also been mowed, making the path much easier. This has been jointly financed by GCC, the landowner and your Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan

Some further supplementary documents have been placed on the NDP pages Kemble has a draft plan out for consultation. See their website.

Where were the rural police - in 1845?

Red Telephone Box Staying, but no phone.

The phone box has now been adopted by the Parish Council and the phone removed. Plans are ongoing to  install a second defillibrator, but meanwhile it needs a revamp. We are trying to finish preparation ready for painting.  Tools can be provided, although if you have a favourite scraper please bring it!  As space is limited it will be useful to work in one-hour shifts so if you can make it, even if only for an hour, please let Karen Mogridge know: 860476.

Events 2019

List of events that might cause traffic issues or be of interest to you

Thames Path The bridge over the Thames at the northern end

of Neigh Bridge Country Park has now been replaced by a

substantial new metal bridge, as the old one was apparently

rotting in parts. It is wheelchair friendly, though the next gates

upstream are not.


Are you over 14? No upper age limit. Can you get up in the morning? Do you want to earn a little pocket money? Contact Pickwick Papers on 640022 to find out more, but ask your parents first if under 18.

Neighbourhood Watch

Terry Whelan writes: 'For those with access to the Internet: The Police now send out messages to residents via the "Your Community Alerts" web-site. To register, go to:  https://www.yourcommunityalerts.co.uk/ and click on the "Register" link towards the top left of the page.' This info will be added to the To Know page


A page describes how the Emergency Plan works. Do read it in a quiet moment.

Otter problem and a bridleway

The bridleway forming our new boundary with Poole Keynes to the south of Lake 63 (across the Spine road from Neigh Bridge Park) has been cleared by its owner, who has put up an otter-proof fence along one side, and around the fishing lake to the south. The owner claims otters eat birds as well as fish, and that since the fence was completed, birds have returned to the lake - not all the right birds, as a cormorant landed on the lake while we were talking. He also said that beavers were about, and chomping trees on his land. There is a beaver-chomped tree visible from the road on the bank of lake 63.

Flood/ Insurance Advice

As the Parish Clerk has had several enquiries about flooding and

insurance, correspondence to our MP, and responses from the

Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Environment Agency

(EA) are published on the Council Publications page for 2014.

The Environment Agency now (2019) has much more detailed maps

of flood risk areas. See Gov.uk then search “Flood Risk”

Oil Spill

Unfortunately 1100 litres of oil spilled into the ground in January 2014 from a leaking tank next door to the village hall. Their water pipe has had to be replaced, as oil can seep though plastic pipe. All the contaminated soil has now been removed and replaced with clean soil. Several trees and much treasured planting were lost in the process. It is  extremely fortunate that none of the oil went under any building, as the fumes would have made them uninhabitable. Do take this as a warning to check your tank and pipes regularly. Metal tanks tend to weep slightly before a major spill. I know, mine did. If you see this, get your tank changed fast. It is said that plastic tanks give less warning, though we are told rubbing any weeping crack with soap may delay things enough to get a tank changed.
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Bridleway south of Lake 63


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